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BLINK. Your sweet little baby is suddenly a toddling two year old.

BLINK. You're watching their preschool performance with tears in your eyes.

BLINK. This is the last year of elementary school, where did the time go?!

BLINK. This is your last baby and the last set of milestones for your family.

BLINK. Your teenager is calling you bruh as they walk out the door, car keys in hand.

Before you know it, they're all grown up. Take time out to professionally document the many stages and milestones of your family that pass by in the blink of an eye.

Misty Dawn Photography offers a blended approach to maternity, newborn, and family portraits, by capturing meaningful and authentic moments of family interaction while also crafting some posed portraits to hang on your walls.


Creative fee includes up to 1 hour of the photographer's time and talent. Also included is a $100 credit towards your final purchase of prints, products and/or digital image files.


Newborn sessions require additional time above and beyond your typical portrait session. You can expect the session to last a relaxed 2-3 hours in your home, with time to feed and soothe your baby between shots. Included in your session fee is a $200 credit towards your final purchase of prints, products and/or digital image files.


I do not. I find photographing people in more natural environments to be more meaningful and authentic than the studio environment. For this reason, I choose to be an on-location family photographer.
Yes! The high resolution digital image files are available for purchase from your private online proofing gallery and you may use your product credit towards your purchase. Digital files are available both individually and as an entire gallery. Please contact me for a full price list.
My ultimate goal is for your images to be hanging on your walls and enjoyed daily, so I would love to see you use your credit toward my professional quality prints. You can also use your credit towards digital image files if you have a trusted print lab you prefer to use. I offer many other products as well, such as beautiful fine-art canvases, professional albums and even calendars or holiday cards.
First and foremost, copy them and store them in multiple places for safekeeping, such as to an external hard drive and to cloud storage. After that, you can post your images on social media (with credit to @mistydawnphoto please), order prints and gifts, make a cool screensaver for your computer or an app for your phone... the options are endless! The only thing you cannot do with your images is edit them in anyway (no social media filters please!) or use them for commercial purposes (such as to promote your business) or claim them as your own in any contest.

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